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Our most frequently asked questions

Contact our customer support team at any time of the day.

Fill in the online form or email for our local representative to get back to you.

We have established a global network of office hubs this ensure a seamless bespoke communication system, which operates around the clock offering near real-time notifications and awareness of shipment’s movement to ensure further clarity about pick up and arrival times.

We opened our doors mid 2017 in Melbourne Australia, you can reach out to us at any time of the day to know about your deliveries, payment-related issues and other queries. Efficiency is something our team values greatly.

We’re fully prepared for contingencies in the event of an unforeseen delay by having a team of experts on standby to troubleshoot issues and replenish dry ice.

Yes it’s possible so long as the quantities described comply with the respective regulatory bodies rules ie: The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Permits you to import under those conditions.

We handle sample pickup, ground courier, flight and delivery. We also offer various packaging and cold chain solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our careful temperature control and monitoring includes: liquid nitrogen at -180°C, dry ice at -80°C, refrigeration at +2 to
+8°C, and ambient temperature at +20°C.

We provide insurance for goods of high $ value above $1000 for goods of low value although we would recommend checking with us first to confirm these options.

At Lab Direct, we specialise in collecting lab samples from anywhere on the planet. We ensure the temperature is controlled through constant monitoring. We serve as an authority as far as regulatory services are concerned.All the packages that we handle are constantly monitored at all times. They can be traced and tracked throughout the journey.